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One of the main problems with home wireless routers is the limitations and boundaries set by the quality of radio WiFi signal supplied by the router. Sometimes an updated router is the solution with stronger signalling, sometimes even this isn't enough when the computer needing the internet connection is an extended distance from the source.

It is a well known fact your routers performance is enhanced by being connected to the Master Socket of your home or business. If your PC is 3 or 4 rooms away, or maybe even a few floors away, the signal can be compromised.

The answer could be to have a computer network feed directly from the back of the router to the room where your PC is. Also an ideal solution if you want the best internet speed possible between router and PC.

The cabling for a computer network socket is installed in a similar way to a telephone socket, the cable is slightly larger and is of much higher grade material capable of carrying high speeds of data.

There is no extra equipment needed for you to make use of your routers high speed data connection, 99% of all PC's and Laptops sold today are complete with the socket already part of the machine. All you need is the cable run.

Small residential installation, 4 network points (2x PC's, XBOX, PS3) connected to the routers 100mb Cat5 sockets, no extra hardware required.

MESH Networking Option. A Multiple Disc Installation, enabling seamless internet connectivity throughout a property on a single login. Compatible with virtually every ISP. The only cabling required is between the router and the 1st disc, the rest are simply WiFi Bridged together. The 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz broadcast gives internet speeds throughout as though your devices are connected directly into the Routers Network Socket.

Outdoor Wireless Data Beaming. Give other buildings, such as outside bars, holiday lets, Caravans etc the benefit of internet access without paying for extra ISP services. This can save in the region of £350 per year, by installing a BEAM unit on the host building and receiving building/structure. Minimal cabling required.

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