What is your warranty Period?

The warranty period is 12 months from the invoice date. This will only cover the equipment installed by Walkertelecoms and a labour guarantee for the same period of time.

What about warranty for the rest of my telephone system?

Any other existing telephone wiring remains the responsibility of the original installation company, BT or otherwise. However, a test will be carried out on the full telephone/computer cable network following completion of work, if there are any issues they shall be explained and highlighted. Your existing telephone cable does not fall under our warranty conditions on the grounds that we have tested it and, at that point in time, passed testing procedures.

Is the warranty for computer cabling the same as telephone cable?

Yes, 12 months from invoice date.

Where will you run the cable?

Preferably we try to run all extension cables outside your property and out of sight whenever possible. Sometimes, usually with a terraced house, an internal cable run cannot be avoided. In this situation, the cable will have to run above the skirting boards. If your home/office has a cellar area then, wherever possible, this will be utilised.

Can you run the cable under carpets or laminate flooring?

It is never advised to do this. Pressure should never be put on telephone or computer cable. Nor running cable around the edges of a laminate flooring (behind the beading), because laminate flooring ‘floats’. It is highly likely over a period of time the cable will be compressed and damaged.

We have old computer cable running around the house, can we use that for telephone cable?

Yes as long as the cable tests ok and in good condition, and not previously installed in a hazardous manner. Computer Network Cable (Cat5/Cat5e/Cat6/Cat7) is the more high spec version of normal telephone cable and contains at least double the wire capacity.

Do you charge VAT?

No, Walkertelecoms is not VAT registered so the price you are quoted is complete. All prices quoted include the first HOUR of labour, additional time is charged at £20/(1/2hr).

What areas do you cover?

Based in Sheffield we cover all of South Yorkshire. This includes upper areas of Barnsley and as far south as Mansfield.